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The Basics:

VIDEO:  What's DCN TV?

VIDEO:  How to connect the internet

VIDEO: How to adjust my display on my DCN Pro

VIDEO: Make my remote work like a mouse (DCN Pro)

VIDEO: Clear the data of an app

VIDEO:  Uninstall / delete an unwanted application

VIDEO: Grant permissions for an app

VIDEO:  Arrange apps on the DCN Pro home screen

Application Download Tutorials:

VIDEO:  Members Intro Video - DCN App

VIDEO:  Downloader App - How to Install

VIDEO:  Filelinked App - How to install

VIDEO:  Filelinked App - How to use it


HOW do I set this tv box up?

Step 1:  Plug in the HDMI cable into the DCN TV box and into your TV.  We have included an HDMI cable with the box but you are welcome to use your own as well.  After you've connected the HDMI cable, plug in the power cord to power on the device.

Step 2:  Turn on your TV.  Using your TV remote, change the source (or tv input) to the source you have already plugged the HDMI cable into.  Once this is done properly you will see the DCN TV home screen.

Step 3:  Connect the DCN TV box to the internet.  There are two ways you can connect.

(1) Direct Ethernet connection:  Plug an Ethernet cable from your internet modem or router to the back side of the DCN TV box. 

(2) Wireless WiFi:  On the home screen you will see a tab called "settings", scroll over and click on it by pressing 'OK" on the DCN TV box remote.  Select "networks" / then "wireless networks" / choose your network and input the correct password (if applicable).

Once you're connected to the internet you will see the time and date change to the correct format at the top right hand corner of the home screen.  At the top left hand corner of the home screen you will see an icon that resembles a computer (if connected by Ethernet cable) or you will see a  WiFi symbol (if connected by WiFi).

Now you are ready to use your DCN TV box!  Don't forget, there are 1000's of apps you can download from the Google Play store if it's not already preinstalled on your device.  You can surf the web, check your emails, go on Facebook, Netflix, listen to music, etc.  ENJOY!

I'm having buffering problems?!?

Here's what to do:

*1 - Unplug your internet router/ modem.  After about 5 minutes plug it back in and let it fully reboot.  (usually takes 5-10 minutes).  Also, unplug the TV Box and don't plug it back in until the internet has fully rebooted.  Believe it or not, this process fixes 99% of most problems so follow the instructions to a T and you should be buffer FREE! 

*2 - After trying above scenario, if the issue still persists, run a speed test on the tv box.  Click on the app called FAST.  If you don't have the app download the "FAST" app from the Google Play store for free.  Or, you can goto in the web browser on the tv box as well.  We recommend speeds of at least 25mbps at a minimum, the faster the better.If you have anything less, that's most likely the cause of your buffering.

*DCN App BUFFERING:   DCN App has a 98% uptime, so assuming your internet speed is faster than 25mbps if you're still experiencing buffering, its possible its just that particular channel.  Most times a simple restart of both the router and DCN Pro will do the trick but if the problem still persist then let us know at   *If you haven't already, We strongly recommend you watch this video, here's a link:  VIDEO:  Members Intro Video - DCN Live

How do I uninstall an application I don't want?!?

This video will show you step by step:  

VIDEO:  Uninstall / delete an unwanted application

What's included in my membership?

All membership packages include unlimited technical support, exclusive offers & deals, quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date with everything new, and unlimited access to our DCN app.

How do I sign up for DCN?!?

Our DCN app comes free with membership. Click on the menu category and choose subscribe to DCN.  Choose a membership package and within 60 minutes you'll receive your membership activation.